selected writing

20210507 Opposition to Olympics grows as Japan struggles with pandemic (DPA)

20170726 LGBT politicians in Japan seek to promote awareness, secure rights (DPA)

20170306 Japan’s nuclear refugees living in limbo (DPA) 

20161124 Reactivation of nuclear plant puts Japanese locals in a bind (DPA)

20160805 The forgotten orphans of the Hiroshima bombing (DPA)

20160308 Five years on, Japan’s nuclear evacuees are still fighting to return (DPA)

20110608 Residents leave Japan‘s “most beautiful” village amid crisis (DPA)

20110411 Japan nuclear crisis threatens farmers‘ incomes, way of life (DPA)

20110405 Japan nuclear crisis evacuees face hardship, uncertainty (DPA)

20060818 Documentary revisits Japan’s WWII atrocities (The Washington Times)

20050203 Scandals at Japan’s public broadcaster NHK (The Washington Times)

20030207 Japanese voice strong doubts about Iraq war (The Washington Times)