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20230505 Presumed guilt? Unpacking Japan’s 99.9% conviction rate.

20230310 A lab of their own: How Fukushima moms led charge for radiation data

20221115 In Japan, Unification Church scandal stains integrity of ruling party

20220823 How women are banding together to change Japanese politics

20220415 Cattle farms or bullet trains? Japanese village faces uncertain future

20220309 At 82, she coded an app. She just wanted a game she could win


20211028 Japan’s elections showcase constraints on its democracy



20210712 As Olympics near, a Japanese fishing town waits – to say thanks

3 Ofunato

20180201 In Japan, baby-at-work fuss highlights deeper issue: few women in politics


20170811 Retirement? No thanks. In ‘graying’ Japan, these women are just getting started

01 Zakoji

20170309 In Japan, young women’s problems are often ignored. But she’s ready to help

Jun Tachibana1 a (3)

                   (courtesy of the Bond Project)

20161027 He hadn’t driven much – but began a car-sharing project for tsunami survivors



20160324 A retired lawyer opens first US slavery museum with $8.6 million of his money

John Cummings, the founder of the Whitney Plantation, Wallace, Louisiana


20150730 Keisaburo Toyonaga helps Koreans and other non-Japanese atom bomb survivors

hiroshima 2

20150628 Why police don’t pull guns in many countries By Sara Miller Llana

20150409 Shizuyo Yoshitomi started a radio station to help immigrants

Shizuyo Yoshitomi 3

20141020 Terumasa Akio saw poverty firsthand. Now his charity helps 400,000 children

Akio 2

20140905 Yoon Mee-hyang helps Korea’s World War II sex slaves tell their stories

Yoon Me-hyang 4

20140307 Hajime Shiraishi’s tiny but influential OurPlanet-TV keeps focus on Japan’s nuclear disaster


                   (courtesy of OurPlanet-TV)

20130906 Kyoko Okutani helps women start businesses, skirting Japan’s gender gap

Okutani 2

20130503 Seiji Yoshimura rushes to natural disasters to help

309 Yoshimura 0396

20130123 With group effort, Japan suicides fall to 15-year low


20121118 Helping orphans of the storm (a story about Chikara Funabashi, other business leaders who have founded Beyond Tomorrow, a charity, following the 2011 tsunami disaster)


20120902 In Japan, better with age

20120723 A Japanese Olympian defies the age barrier

20120307 As Japan marks tsunami anniversary, a fresh spirit of volunteerism

20110510 Japan after Fukushima: village of nuclear evacuees forced to start over – again

20110116 In Japan, starting a second career as a cabby

20100914 Photographer reminds Japanese of their ‘forgotten’ hometowns

20100112 Japan: For $5.50, your own geisha tea ceremony


20091217 Japan’s robot revolution moves from factory to the home

20090217 In Japan, foster parents blaze an unpopular trail


20080213 Japanese men shout the oft-unsaid: ‘I love you’

20071023 Japan revises its history texts

20071015 Haruko Miyahira 2